Deals Worth Up To RM998 Just For You

It’s always a rewarding experience with Kabel Besar, so we’re giving you deals worth up to RM998! Enjoy a better all-round Internet experience with higher speeds (including 2Gbps!) and free devices.

Check it out on Self Care!

Frequently Asked Questions

This campaign is our way of thanking our long-time subscribers with awesome deals valued up to RM998 for a better home Internet experience.

Eligible 200Mbps subscribers can choose to:

  • Redeem a free WiFi 6 router (worth RM399) when they renew their plan; or
  • Get 3x their speed to 600Mbps with 2 free WiFi 6 mesh devices (worth RM719)

Eligible 600Mbps subscribers can redeem free WiFi 6 devices for wider WiFi coverage when they renew their plan for 24 months. Or, if they upgrade to 1Gbps and renew their plan, they’ll get to redeem a new high-spec WiFi 6 router that can support higher speeds and heavier usage across even more devices, PLUS a WiFi 6 mesh node.

Similarly, eligible 1Gbps subscribers who choose to renew their plan also get the same awesome new WiFi 6 router and mesh node worth RM998.

If speed is what you’re looking for, upgrade to our 2Gbps plan with a free device and be the fastest kid on the block. Log into Self Care and check if you’re covered!

Do note that if you’re subscribed to Gig Speed Home (FTTR), you won’t be eligible to redeem free devices due to compatibility issues.

This promotion is valid from 27th March 2024 to 30th June 2024.

Just log in to Self Care to check out what we’ve got in store for you!

The new subscription fee will take effect in your next bill.

You will be billed for voice service usage, purchase of device(s) and subscription fee(s) for other value-added service(s), if any.

Unfortunately, no. You can only enjoy one promotion at any time. Once submitted, you will not be able to change or select other promotions until after your request has been processed, as long as it’s still within the promotion period.

We offer a range of mesh-ready routers and nodes that when paired, deliver consistent speeds across your home.

When you place a mesh node in a WiFi dead zone, the node will capture and broadcast the wireless signal and speed of your router to hard-to-reach corners of your home. By placing mesh nodes in strategic spots throughout your home, you can create a seamless, stable WiFi network that keeps you connected no matter which room you’re in.

Find out more about our devices by visiting www.time.com.my/for-home/devices.

We will deliver and install the device for you on the appointment date you’ve chosen in Self Care.

Yes, absolutely! If you upgrade your plan, any existing discounts will continue until its full redemption and your contract won’t be reset.

If you’ve redeemed the free devices and renewed your contract, you can opt to downgrade from the 7th month onwards by reaching out to us on Live Chat. If you downgrade within your contract period, your contract will reset for another 24 months.

If you’ve renewed your contract on or after 27 March 2024 and wish to terminate your subscription within your contract period, you would incur an early termination charge of RM500 or the sum of your remaining contractual period, whichever is higher.

If you terminate your plan within the 24-month contract, you will:

  • Forfeit any discount you’ve been enjoying; and
  • Incur an early termination of RM500 or the sum of your remaining contractual period, whichever is higher.

Yes, you can reschedule your appointment up to three (3) times via Self Care.