Experience Ultrafast Broadband Throughout Your Home

Give your home a high-speed makeover without the mess of tangled wires. Built on Huawei’s Fibre-To-The-Room (FTTR) technology, our brand-new home WiFi service pulls micro optical fibre into designated spaces so no rooms get left behind.

Full Gigabit Coverage

Enjoy full WiFi signal everywhere in your home*, powered by 100% fibre and WiFi 6 technology *Coverage may vary with layout

Seamless WiFi Roaming

Shift from room to room effortlessly, with smooth handovers you won't even notice

Smooth Online Experience

Lower latency guarantees smoother and more responsive online activities

Go From 0 to 100 With Huawei’s F30 Series

Huawei's F30 series redefines home networking. With sleek design and cutting-edge tech, say goodbye to dead zones, not your style, and transform your home into a high-speed haven.

  • Installation

    Installed on table or mounted to wall

  • Handover latency

    Unparalleled roaming with handover latency under 20ms

  • Coverage

    Multiple internal antennae keep your devices looking sleek while ensuring your WiFi signals reach further

  • Concurrent devices

    Connect up to 128 devices simultaneously

Our Gig Speed Home Packages

Enjoy seamless speed and professional FTTR setup with free installation by our team of experts - zero hassle, zero installation costs.

1 Parent Node
+ 1 Child Node


Recommended coverage:
1,000 sq ft / 2 rooms

Cover your bases and keep the Internet flowing in every corner

1 Parent Node
+ 2 Child Nodes


Recommended coverage:
1,500 sq ft / 3 rooms

Level up your connectivity with extra nodes for more rooms of awesome

1 Parent Node
+ 3 Child Nodes


Recommended coverage:
2,000 sq ft / 4 rooms

Power up your network so every room gets a speed boost

Things to note:

  1. Gig Speed Home (FTTR) is exclusively available to Time Fibre Home 600Mbps and 1Gbps subscribers on a 24-month contract plan in selected buildings.
  2. The 24-month payment plan is open to new Malaysian subscribers and existing subscribers of over 6 months with no outstanding payments.
  3. Existing subscribers will need to upgrade to 600Mbps / 1Gbps to subscribe to Gig Speed Home (FTTR).


Agent E's secret mission: Bringing every room in your home up to 1Gbps speed

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*Only applicable to Time Fibre Home 600Mbps and 1Gbps plans.

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Discover our expert installation process and get a sneak peek of what awaits with your FTTR setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gig Speed Home is our brand-new add-on service that lets you surf, stream and game at speeds up to 1Gbps in every room. Built on Huawei’s Fibre-To-The-Room (FTTR) technology, it involves pulling transparent micro optical fibre cables to where you need it, ensuring a fast connection and smooth experience no matter where you are at home.

This service is exclusively available to Time Fibre Home 600Mbps and 1Gbps subscribers on a 24-month contract plan and in selected buildings only.

FTTR is a cutting-edge technology that involves running fibre optic cables directly to individual rooms or units within a building, providing high-speed Internet access to each specific location.

In essence, FTTR and mesh WiFi both tackle coverage issues by strategically placing child or satellite nodes in areas with weak connections. The key distinction lies in their approaches. FTTR prioritises physical infrastructure, ensuring every room has a dedicated fibre optic cable connection. In contrast, mesh WiFi creates a network of devices to broadcast a robust and consistent WiFi signal over a wider area.

Plan for a session lasting between 4 to 6 hours, depending on your setup’s complexity. If you’re also setting up your new Time Fibre Home service, allocate an extra 1 to 2 hours.

To make the most of your WiFi coverage, consult our experts on optimal device placement based on your Internet usage habits.

Learn more about the process and what to anticipate during your appointment:

Gig Speed Home is exclusively available to Time Fibre Home 600Mbps and 1Gbps subscribers on a 24-month contract plan and selected buildings only.

Click here to check for availability.

Gig Speed Home is a cutting-edge service that requires specialised installation techniques. To ensure top-notch quality, we’re currently training our installers to meet the demand. Rest assured, we’re working hard to bring this service to more buildings soon!