Pakej MyKabel

Affordable Internet for Everyone

In our quest to bring affordable high-speed Internet to even more Malaysians, we’ve introduced Pakej MyKabel to Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) and Perumahan Awam (PA). Under this package, we’ve reduced our Internet plan prices starting from only RM69/month for 200Mbps.

Eligible Buildings

Pakej MyKabel is available in these locations currently, but we’ll cover more buildings soon.

PPR Melana Indah


PPR Melana Indah 2


PPR Sri Iskandar


PPR Sri Stulang


PPR Taman Perling (Jalan Rawa 1)


PPR Taman Perling (Jalan Rawa 7)


PPR Uda Utama


PA Desa Rejang

Kuala Lumpur

PPR Kerinchi

Kuala Lumpur

PPR Kg Baru Air Panas

Kuala Lumpur

PPR Seri Semarak

Kuala Lumpur

PA Kampung Melayu

Pulau Pinang

PPR Kampung Baru HICOM


PPR Kota Damansara


PPR Taman Putra Damai (Lembah Subang 1)


PPR Lembah Subang 2


Is your building listed? Click below to get your own Pakej MyKabel!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pakej MyKabel is an exclusive promotion available in Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) and Perumahan Awam (PA) buildings. It gives Time Fibre Home customers RM30 off x 24 months on 200Mbps plans and RM20 off x 24 months on 600Mbps and 1Gbps plans. Pakej MyKabel is a plan aligned to and in support of Pakej Perpaduan Jalur Lebar.

MyKabel is currently available at 16 PPR & PA buildings with plans to roll out to more in phases.

These discounts are applicable to 24-month contract plans only.

Pakej MyKabel is only available at PPR and PA buildings. To check, click here and enter your building name.

This promotion is valid until 31 December 2024. You’ll have to sign up within the promo period and activate your service within 2 months of your signup date.

If you’re a new subscriber, you can apply online at or via our Sales Ninjas. Do note that you’ll need your Malaysian IC to register.

Our Sales Ninjas will be running on-ground activities to promote Pakej MyKabel at selected locations. They’ll be on hand to help you get signed up so feel free to approach any of them.

If you’re already a Time Fibre Home subscriber, log into Self Care and you should see a pop-up offering the Pakej MyKabel promo.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a Malaysian IC to register.

Yes, you’ll have to sign up for a 24-month contract.

Yes, you sure can. You’ll be eligible for Pakej MyKabel after serving a minimum of 6 months of your contract. But your contract will be reset for 24 months. Just log into Self Care and you should see a pop-up offering the Pakej MyKabel promo.

If you’ve finished serving your full 24-month contract, you can switch to Pakej MyKabel anytime and enter into a new 24-month contract. Updated terms apply.

Yes, absolutely! You can upgrade immediately, but your monthly RM30 discount will be reduced to RM20 for your remaining contract period.

Yes, you can. You can downgrade your plan from the 7th month onwards by reaching out to us on Live Chat.

If you downgrade within your contract period, you’ll forfeit your discount and your contract will reset for another 24 months.

Yes, as long as Pakej MyKabel is also available at your new address. Just log into Self Care, click Manage Plan > Relocate Service.

If Pakej MyKabel isn’t available at your new address, your monthly discount will be forfeited and your monthly subscription fee will return to its original retail price.

Yes, the monthly discounts will continue for the remaining months of your contract.

The Pakej MyKabel promo cannot be stacked with other promos except for the Time Fibre Home Offer for the Differently-abled (OKU).

If you’re a new Time subscriber, just sign up online at or via our Sales Ninja to get the Pakej MyKabel promo. You can then apply for the OKU promo by clicking here.

If you’re an existing Time subscriber, log into Self Care to renew your plan and you’ll automatically enjoy both the Pakej MyKabel and OKU promos.

If you terminate your subscription within your contract tenure, you will:

  • Forfeit any discount you’ve been enjoying; and
  • Incur an early termination charge of RM500 or the sum of your remaining contractual period, whichever is higher.