Embracing Sustainability

We understand that we are part of an ecosystem and we have a significant role to play when it comes to Economic, Social and Governance (“ESG”) matters.

Guided by ESG principles and our values, we are dedicated to cultivating a sustainable future for the company, our employees, customers, partners, and the world at large. We believe in working towards making a lasting positive change and are committed to do our part by detailing our commitments to sustainability.

Sustainability at Time

Our commitment to sustainability is anchored in the pillars of Customer, Governance, People, Community, and Environment. These pillars align with our corporate philosophy, all of which are dedicated to value creation.


We are committed to delivering the most rewarding experience to our customers. This extends to innovative solutions and technologically advanced product and service offerings to ensure that our customers' needs are met at every step of the way.


Our dedication to ensuring governance compliance is embedded into every process of the organisation. This guarantees our actions, guided by regulatory and industry policies and regulations are constantly adhered to and remain transparent and accountable.


Our people are the heart and soul of Time. They are why we have been able to, and continue moving forward. This is why talent development and engagement is always prioritised. Alongside those 2 key parameters, diversity, equity and inclusion are also areas we take very seriously in upholding our ethical beliefs.


We are actively engaged with the communities we serve, supporting local community development and upliftment through employee volunteerism. We are committed to being a positive force in the places we call home.


We continually seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint while addressing climate change. Beyond our operations, we aspire to drive positive change throughout our value chains and among our stakeholders, including our valued employees.