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High-speed Internet plans that support your business needs.

All Your Needs in One Place


100% Fibre Connection


Enterprise-grade Network


Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds


Exclusive SME Deals

Broadband Plans for Growth

It's our business to make sure you do well.


Reliable high-speed Internet for daily engagements


Ideal for SMEs seeking faster downloads and uploads



Lightning-fast connections for collaborative needs


Gigabit-speed connectivity for data-intensive operations

Terms & Conditions

  1. All plans are subject to 24-month contract term.

  2. Symmetrical upload and download speeds apply only for the 100Mbps, 300Mbps and 500Mpbs plan.

  3. Devices may vary according to plans.

  4. Entitlement of free minutes are renewable monthly and cannot be carried forward. Normal call rates apply upon utilisation of free minutes.

  5. Calls are charged at 11 sen/min to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide, and 8 sen/min for IDD calls to 60 countries. If you need additional lines and features, subscribe to Time Business Voice Lines here.

  6. Bill discount(s) where applicable, apply to your full month's subscription fee(s). Other charges such as voice calls, deposits, add-ons etc still apply.

  7. Time reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time at our sole discretion.

Devices for Productivity

Switch on your mesh and space out. That way you can spend your energy on things that actually matter, like your business.

Malaysia's Most Consistent Broadband

Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data on consistency in Malaysia from Q4 2020 - Q3 2023. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

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    Speed with Seamless Coverage

    Time Fibre Business



    Business, Meet WiFi

    Speed and reliability for the best business connections.

    Switch on and stay connected.

    Front, back, everywhere. Get seamless coverage across your work space.

    Expanding? Just add devices as you go.

    Meet Our WiFi Family of Devices

    Our next generation WiFi devices reaches far out with unparalleled performance. It supports your business like all WiFi’s should.

    WiFi 5 mesh router


    WiFi connections that won’t let you down.

    AC1200 Wireless Standard

    Perfect for SMEs

    Stable, reliable and fast. Just the recipe for all business needs.

    WiFi 6 mesh router


    Ready for WiFi 6? Experience next level speed for next generation devices.

    AX3000 Wireless Standard

    Perfect for larger operations

    Your high-performance partner for blazing speeds across all your WiFi 6-capable devices.

    One Network To Cover It All

    Forget about messy cables or extenders cause all our devices are mesh ready. If you’re expanding your workspace, all you need is an extra node and you’ll stay connected.

    Small business

    Up to 2 rooms
    ~1,000 sqft

    1 router, 1 mesh node


    2 to 3 rooms
    ~1,500 sqft

    1 router, 2 mesh nodes

    Large BUSINESS

    4 rooms and above
    ~2,000 sqft

    1 router, 3 mesh nodes

    Think You Need One?

    New subscriber?

    Join us on the fast lane and opt for the devices you need when signing up to one of our plans.

    Already a subscriber?

    Log in to your Self Care account and get the devices you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You will receive a complimentary router with your new subscription of Time Fibre Business. You’ll also have the option to add on more devices during the signup process.

    If you’re an existing Time Fibre Business subscriber, you can purchase our devices from the Self Care shop or upgrade your plan to redeem free devices.

    We provide WiFi 5 routers and mesh-enabled routers that feature both WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 technologies.

    Based on your building type and installation requirements, new subscribers may receive a:

    – WiFi 5 router; or
    – WiFi 5 device (Huawei WA8021V5); or
    – WiFi 6 router (Huawei HG8145X6).

    A mesh-enabled router means the device is equipped with mesh capabilities. A traditional mesh WiFi setup typically requires a mesh node to be placed next to the router to act as a gateway. Since our routers are mesh-ready, we eliminate the need for an extra device. All you have to do is place mesh nodes where your WiFi signals are weaker and you’re ready to enjoy strong and seamless WiFi all over your business premises.

    Yes, you can. If you’re already a Time subscriber, simply log in to Self Care to purchase the device.

    Please refer to the table below to check for device compatibility:

    Devices WiFi 5 mesh node (Huawei WA8021V5) WiFi 5 mesh node (TP-Link HC420 WiFi 6 router/mesh node (Huawei HG8145X6)
    WiFi 5 router (Huawei HG8145V5)
    WiFi 5 mesh node (Huawei WA8021V5)
    WiFi 6 mesh node/router (Huawei HG8145X6)
    WiFi 5 mesh node (TP-Link EC440)
    TP-Link EC230
    D-Link 882
    Other models

    Our Tech Ninjas or Time authorised installers will do it for you.

    Equipment Limited Warranty Period
    Routers and mesh nodes:-Huawei HG8145V5
    Huawei WA8021V5
    Huawei HG8145X6
    TP-Link EC440
    TP-Link HC420
    TP-Link EC230
    D-Link 850L
    D-Link DIR-882
    2 years
    ONU Lifetime

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