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Complement Your WiFi Connection With A Wired Connection

The type of broadband connection recommended, whether it’s a Wired Connection or WiFi Connection depends on what you need it for. Although WiFi has brought us much convenience and improved significantly over the years with the introduction of new WiFi standards, it is still subject to much limitations and interference as compared to a Wired Connection. But, fret not, today’s WiFi technology is good enough in handling most of our online daily tasks but we recommend that you complement your WiFi Connection with a Wired Connection for the best broadband experience.

Check out this table below so you can have a better idea in selecting the type of connection that befits your usage.

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Point of Comparison Wired WiFi


Gives you a direct connection through an Ethernet cable with minimal interference.
You are more likely to achieve subscribed broadband speeds on a wired connection.


At least 2x slower than a wired connection.

Latency2 Lower Higher
Mobility X
Convenience Less More
Stability Higher Lower


Your data is more secure with a physically secured connection. Hence, harder to intercept.

Ideal usage Ideal for big file transfer, boosting streaming quality and online gaming. Recommended connection for speedtest. Connectivity for multiple WiFi enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

1. Subject to various factors including interference, device capability, number of users on a network, Ethernet cable, etc.
2. What does latency mean? Latency is the amount of time / delay for data to travel from point A to point B.

For example, if you’re on a high latency Internet connection, you may be experiencing delayed responses while playing online games or mid-sentence pauses while having a conversation on Skype.

Advanced devices in the market are likely to achieve at least 90% of your subscribed speeds over a Wired Connection. But if you don’t, check your Ethernet cable. This cable connects your router to your computer or laptop to get a Wired Connection. They consist of different categories that communicate with different speeds and it is usually indicated on the sides of the cable.

Cat-5: Speeds up to 100Mbps Cat-5e: Speeds up to 1Gbps Cat-6: Speeds up to 10Gbps

NOTE: Your Internet speed is only as fast as the speeds that you are subscribed to.
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