TIME And Huawei Launch TIME CLOUD NFVI Solution

Shah Alam, 7 May 2018 – TIME dotCom (“TIME”) has paired up with Huawei to launch the TIME CLOUD™ NFVI solution, Malaysia’s first-ever horizontal network functions virtualisation infrastructure (“NFVI”) architecture.

NFVI is a set of resources that can host and connect virtualised network functions such as routers, firewalls and cloud computing systems. These services can then be delivered to customers quickly without relying on costly hardware.

The horizontal setup of the TIME CLOUD™ NFVI solution gives it the flexibility to integrate with host solutions from multiple vendors. Customers of TIME can now choose between the traditional setup of proprietary hardware at the customer’s premises or the hassle-free NFVI architecture.

“The TIME CLOUD™ NFVI solution will provide the foundation for us to expand our offerings in cloud computing and Software Defined Networking (SDN), which we foresee as being critical to the transformation of the IT industry. As a result, the market will become more competitive and dynamic,” said Ang Thing Jiun, Chief Technology Officer of TIME.

As network stability is a top priority for TIME, the TIME CLOUD™ NFVI solution has been designed with Live Migration technology for service disaster recovery and backup functions. All services offered on the solution are supported with high service availability even during upgrades and system maintenance.

“Customers will increasingly demand a high quality and responsive experience. With TIME’s fixed line network, the requirements from various vertical industry markets can be addressed easily by the versatile products and services of the TIME CLOUD™ NFVI solution,” said George Pan, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei.

The time is right for customers to evolve from Communications Technology (CT) to converged Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and the revolutionary TIME CLOUD™ NFVI solution is poised to lead the transformation.

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