Fastest Speeds

Why bother with slower speeds? Get up to 1Gbps now.

No Lock-in Contract

Enjoy top speeds without being tied down by a contract period.

100% Fibre

Only a full-fibre network can ensure higher speeds and better stability.

Seamless Connectivity

Enhance your experience with TIME Devices, made for gaming, connectivity and better speeds!

Expert Installation

Our team of Tech Ninjas are the best to support your installation and WiFi needs.

Get on board Malaysia's fastest broadband



SAVE RM100 off your first bill

- Online Exclusive Only -

A one-time charge of RM400 is applicable & subscribers are not entitled to promotions.

You love the Internet. But you’re not obsessed with it, yet. Going online means scrolling through your social media, replying emails, watching the occasional movie, shopping online or googling your next holiday destination.



SAVE RM100 off your first bill

- Online Exclusive Only -

A one-time charge of RM400 is applicable & subscribers are not entitled to promotions.

You have more than one device. You’re always posting social updates from your phone, streaming a movie on your laptop and shopping on your tablet - simultaneously. And not just you. Your mom, dad, brother and sister do the same too!



SAVE RM100 off your first bill

- Online Exclusive Only -

A one-time charge of RM500 is applicable & subscribers are not entitled to promotions.

You don’t want speed. You NEED speed. You crave for that ultimate gaming experience with 4K video streaming (and can’t wait for 8K) because you’re not the only tech wizard, dragon slayer, professional footballer and league legend at home. Your kids are too!

Download Speed




Upload Speed

100Mbps 500Mbps 500Mbps


RM99/month RM139/month RM199/month


RM100 off for your first bill1


No lock-in period or 24 months2,3

Router Model

TP-Link EC 230 D-Link DIR-882


TIME Voice Home Basic TIME Voice Home Lite4 TIME Voice Home Max4
Pay-as-you-use RM2.50/month
FREE 30 mins/month
worth RM149
FREE 300 mins/month
worth RM149

1. Subscribers of the no lock-in contract plan are not entitled to promotions and must pay a one-time charge of RM400 (100Mbps and 500Mbps) or RM500 (1Gbps) up front.
2. No lock-in contract plan subscribers of Malaysian nationality who convert to a 24-month contract within the first 24 months will receive a monthly rebate of RM50. The duration of this rebate varies between plans.
3. Upon conversion to a contract plan, the monthly rebate will be used to offset the RM500 foreigner deposit for foreigners. Therefore, non-Malaysians will not receive a rebate.
4. These plans are only available for subscribers of the 24-month contract plan and are both subject to a 24-month contract term. Entitlement of free minutes for these plans is renewable monthly and cannot be carried forward. Normal call rates apply upon full utilisation of free minutes.

Voice calls are charged at a rate of 10 sen/min to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide, and 8 sen/min for IDD calls to 60 countries. Click here for the full list of IDD call rates.

Revel in the power of choice with a no lock-in contract plan

Enjoy flexibility with no lock-in period
Change your mind? No termination penalty
Reduce hassle with a shorter cancellation period*
This plan includes a free basic router as well as expert service and installation by our Tech Ninjas.


*A notice period of 7-30 working days before your next bill cycle is required.

Easy Installation

Pick A Date

Choose your installation date when you sign up.

Sit Back, Relax

Wait for our installer to confirm the appointment and assist with connection.

Connection Test

Our installer will test your connection and answer all your questions.

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Get tips to boost your speed

Want faster WiFi? Check out some of our easy tips to improve your signal.


Enhance Internet Experience

Get the best experience with devices that suits your Internet usage.



Access your Self Care account anywhere and anytime.

TIME Voice App

Carry your land line on your mobile and enjoy the same call rates wherever you are.

Ready for life on the fast lane? Blazing speeds are only a click away.


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