Grow with Time's 3Cs of Digitalisation

Successfully Digitalise with 3Cs

Time's 3Cs - Cloud, Connectivity and Cybersecurity solutions are reinforced with the latest technology so your business can run more efficiently and astutely in the long run.

Your employees and customers will thank you for it.


Hosted in Malaysia’s leading interconnected hyperscaledata centres, you get to choose the right fit for your business from our suite of borderless cloud offerings.


Optimise global and local connections with our converged network to get your network up and running in mere minutes so you cancollaborateefficiently.


Continuity and availability are top priorities when we safeguard your digital ecosystem with our cybersecurity capabilities.

Your Business, Our Ecosystem

With digital challenges that may seem daunting to a business, a combination of our 3Cs that's built on an extensive ecosystem is the solution.

Dive deeper into our ecosystem and find the right solution for you.

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    Ready for the Digital Revolution?


    Accelerate interoperability across clouds, applications, workloads, and services with a secure and high-availability multicloud solution.

    Cloud for Business Continuity

    We’ll keep your business running through any disruptions by protecting your critical data and applications with our cross-cloud solutions.

    Converged Network

    Expand your communications reach across the region and beyond with a robust and diverse network.


    Keep your employees connected no matter where they are with our fully-integrated solution that simplifies collaboration.

    Don't Just Take Our Word for It

    We are committed to innovation and industry standards so you can enjoy best-in-class products and services to fortify your business.