Today’s highly connected world demands that businesses have access to their data anytime and anywhere. Our cloud computing solution makes it simple by delivering IT services via the Internet, giving you better flexibility and increased collaboration without relying on costly internal resources.


TIME Cloud Services (TCS)

Flexible and scalable cloud computing services.


Making the move to the cloud is a big decision. Our Managed Services make it simple by helping companies manage the most important aspects of deploying cloud solutions, providing the tools and expertise required to fully maximise the benefits of the cloud.

Managed Backup

  • Our fully managed data backup solution helps businesses ensure their data remains secure and accessible in the cloud, providing optimal configuration and support to minimise disruptions.

Managed Storage

  • This service comprises the provision of a virtual data storage service, including the implementation and configuration of settings, operation support and troubleshooting.

Managed Virtual Load Balancer

  • We implement and configure the virtual load balancer for you, providing 24/7 support including equipment maintenance and firmware upgrade, so you can manage your network traffic easily.

Managed Monitoring

  • Providing round-the-clock supervision and real-time data analysis, our value added services help you monitor your IT environment and ensure it is always in good health.

Managed Licensing

  • Our service simplifies software licensing for you by recommending, installing and configuring your operating system software and databases, while keeping track of the license expiry details of your inventory.


Wherever your organisation is or is aiming to be, we are with you every step of the way, providing expert advice and solutions to bring your business ideas from conception through to implementation.

Services Delivery Management

Solutions Consultancy

  • We provide consultancy services, assess the customer’s environment and propose a suitable IT design or architecture (e.g. security, tools, equipment).

Migration Planning & Execution

  • During pre-migration, we work to complete the migration activities according to the assessment and solutions that were agreed upon. After the migration is completed, we monitor changes to ensure no problem occurs.

Virtual Machine Capacity Planning

  • As part of our post-sales service, we provide consultancy services to help our customers chart their future growth.

O/S Installation

  • We help install the SPLA license and the OS, which includes creating the partition and configuring the LAN IP address, server name and LAN ping test, allowing your business to reach the next hop of network equipment.


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