Notice of Network Outage 15 April 2024


Dear Customers,

We experienced a horrible network outage today between 5.38pm and 7.12pm. Services appear to have been fully restored by 7.35pm.

We ask any subscribers still facing intermittent issues to please restart their routers.

This Internet service outage was by far the worst in our history – affecting approximately 40% of our customers.

We are so very sorry for this outage. We know we have let you down.

Some details – with more updates to come:

At 5.38pm today, both our primary and secondary Secure DNS servers became unreachable. This means that any browser or service requiring a DNS address resolution was not able to reach its intended site. We swung over duties to our backup DNS servers as soon as we could.

Most of all, we apologise for not keeping you updated with more timely information. Our website was also unreachable and we were slow to inform our customers of the outage via social media.

We messed up today, and are thoroughly embarrassed with our handling and communication of this outage.

We should and must do better.

Our deepest apologies.

All of us at TIME

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