You need awesome broadband to support your awesome gadgets. Get on the gig-speed highway with us as we bring Malaysia up to speed.

WHY 1Gbps?

The question should be: why not? Technology is progressing rapidly and bandwidth demands are getting heavier by the minute.

With a super-fast connection, you can take full advantage of all the improvements no matter how advanced they become.


Game On

Shoot to kill in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, chase chocobos in Final Fantasy XIV and defend the Last City in Destiny 2. No game is too intense for us!

With a 1Gbps connection, you'll always be the MVP. Get your dream gaming experience even on online multiplayer mode. Best of all, no soul-crushing lag!

Just Watch Me

It’s a breeze to watch anything in 4K or UltraHD resolution with super-fast downloads and smooth streaming. On 1Gbps, you only need 16 seconds to download a movie!

Start your 4K binge sessions now. Even Netflix thinks we’re awesome!

As Many As You Want

Got a big, Internet-mad family with multiple devices? Hosting an impromptu LAN party?

Our 1Gbps broadband can cater for up to 30 devices using the Internet at the same time. Now everyone can stream, download and game all at once! The party never has to end at your place.

Let's Share

With a 1Gbps connection, sharing memorable moments has never been easier. Transfer large photos and videos quickly to the cloud or to friends and family. Enjoy video calls so clear it's like your loved ones are right next to you.

Are you an aspiring musician? A budding Twitch streamer? Your fans will adore your quick video uploads and smooth live streams. Ride our 1Gbps connection to stardom!

Internet of Things

Imagine a future where your fridge can send a grocery list straight to your phone. Or how about receiving pop-up notifications from your air-conditioner when it needs servicing?

Internet of Things isn't just a buzzword any more. As devices and appliances get more intelligent, a high-speed broadband connection is the foundation you need to bring your smart home to life.

Virtual Reality

Escaping into a virtual reality world isn't fun if everything moves around you in slow motion...all the time. It isn't a very 'realistic' experience when you can't immerse yourself into your surroundings.

With 1Gbps broadband, you can enjoy the most engaging virtual reality experience in the comfort of your own home. Slip on your VR headset and transport yourself into a whole new universe!

What are you waiting for? Kick off your high-speed journey now!

Let's Get Started