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24 NOVEMBER 2022 @ 3.00PM (GMT+8 MYT)
webinar event
webinar event

In Digital Masterclass' second joint session on retailing for SMEs, both Kasatria and Shopline provided a multi-dimensional view into data-focused marketing and responding to key trends of the F&B industry.

F&B's that are looking to leverage data from their day-to-day need to understand how it can benefit their growth and success. By understanding how their sales perform according to product type, to how long the customer stays on the website with click-through rates, the aim of analysing such data is essentially improving the business with insights into what works.

"Businesses need to get to know their targeted audiences before personalising the right offer to win consideration. Google Analytics will help businesses identify which campaign is more successful in achieving their goals," said Chan Kin Peng, Founding Partner, Kasatria.

But what data do F&B SMEs have? And how can it be used to help them? With access to key data like inventory, product sales and customer info, businesses will be able to arrange ingredient costs, quantity and source, and know which food items are ordered most frequently. Customer data through membership rewards or feedback forms as well as data engagement rates and outreach on social media are just as important to build stronger relationships with your customers.

When asked about other ways on online growth, Gavin Neo, Head of Business Excellence at Shopline added, "Traffic is key to growing an online store presence. There are multiple ways of doing this, this includes having promotions, leveraging on brick-and-mortar stores, as well as working with referrals and affiliates, not forgetting how having encouraging reviews will work for you."

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