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Getting Started

What TIME Fibre Home Broadband plans can I choose from?
100Mbps 300Mbps 500Mbps
RM149 RM189 RM299
Unlimited (no quota) | Symmetrical upload/download speeds | 24 months contract
How do I decide which plan to subscribe to?

That depends on you! Are you a heavy or light user? How many devices need to be connected at any one time? Click on 'Need help choosing a plan?' at the top of this page and we'll help you out.

Is TIME Fibre Home Broadband available where I live?

As much as we'd love to serve all Malaysians with the broadband they deserve, our service is currently available in multi-dwelling units (i.e. condominiums) in the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Head on to our coverage search here to find out if yours has been brought up to speed. 

What can I do if TIME Fibre Home Broadband is not yet available where I live?

Let us know here or ask your JMB to get in touch with us via our hotline 1 800 18 1818 or, and we'll take it into account in our coverage expansion planning.

What is the status of my application?

Keep up with the progress of your application here.

When is my installation date?

Check your installation date here or get in touch with us at 1 800 18 1818 or Our support ninjas will give you the updates you need. 


What is the latest TIME Fibre Home Broadband promotion?

RM100 off the first bill for online subscriptions at

Who is eligible for this promotion?

Anyone who signs up online at during the promo period.

What is the promo period?

The promo is valid from 1 February 2017 until further notice, so sign up while it lasts!

How will I know if I get RM100 off my bill?

You will see the amount discounted in your first bill.

For more details, go to T&C > Promotions and select the TIME Fibre Home Broadband RM100 Online Promotion tab.


500Mbps Turns One - New Subscribers

No results found.

500Mbps Turns One - Existing Subscribers (Surprise Giveaway)

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500Mbps Turns One - Existing Subscribers (500 Minutes Free Voice Calls)

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Is TIME available at my home? 

As much as we'd love to serve all Malaysians with the broadband they deserve, our service is currently available in multi-dwelling units (i.e. condominiums) in the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Head on to our coverage search here to find out if yours has been brought up to speed. 

What can I do to get TIME coverage in my area?

Let us know here or ask your JMB to get in touch with us via our hotline 1 800 18 1818 or, and we'll take it into account in our coverage expansion planning.

I live in a landed property. When will TIME Fibre Home Broadband be available to me?

We'd love to serve all Malaysians with the broadband they deserve, but currently we're not able to cover landed property. For the latest updates, follow our FB page at

My JMB has already gotten in touch with you and given you the green light. Why aren't you here yet?

It typically takes about 6 months to extend our coverage. Please bear with us while we work on delivering our service to you. If there hasn't been an update, get your JMB to drop us an email at with your building name and details of their last communication with us and we'll look into it.

The condominium next to mine has TIME coverage; when will mine be fibered?

While we would love to serve all condominiums, at times we are unable to gain access for various reasons. Do ask your JMB to get in touch with us at 1 800 18 1818 or and we will take it from there.


How do I subscribe to TIME Fibre Home Broadband?

i. Online

ii. A TIME authorised dealer (Contact us at 1800 18 1818 or and we’ll help you out.)

What documents are required for subscription?

i. MyKad / passport for non-Malaysians

ii. Credit card (American Express / MasterCard / Visa) if the Auto Debit payment method is selected

What fees do I need to pay if I decide to subscribe?
One-time fee
RM300 deposit for non-Malaysians

Fully refundable when your contract ends/upon service cancellation, provided there is no outstanding balance in your account.


Recurring fees
Broadband service Based on subscribed plan
Voice service TIME Voice Home Basic Plan (pay-as-you-use) OR RM10 for TIME Voice Home 10 Plan (additional charges may apply)
Paper bill RM5 (if applicable)
Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription if I want something else?

Of course! You can modify your plan in the Account Info section in Self Care.

An upgrade/downgrade is determined by the change in your subscription fee.

Are there any charges for upgrading or downgrading my plan?
Plan Modification Within contract term After contract expiry
Upgrade Downgrade Upgrade Downgrade
Contract reset 24 months
Penalty N/A one month
subscription fee
of previous plan

Can I transfer my subscription to another person?

Yes, you can. To make a request, contact us at 1800 18 1818 or

Is there any fee incurred for relocation?
Relocation Fee
Within your home RM80
To another unit in the same building RM120
To another building RM120
What is the status of my application?

Keep up with the progress of your application here.

Can I terminate my subscription at any time?

Yes, however, a termination during your contract term is subject to a penalty of RM500.

How do I terminate my subscription?

Contact us at 1800 18 1818 or We will send you a service termination form, which you will have to complete and return to the same email address.

Please note that we require a one (1) month termination notice.

How long does it take for TIME to terminate my subscription?

Your request will be processed within 7 working days of receipt.


Can I choose my installation date?

You can choose your installation date when you sign up online.

How do I know my chosen installation appointment date and time has been confirmed?

You will receive an email stating your installation date and time. An SMS will also be sent to you a day before your installation date.

Can I reschedule my installation appointment date and time?

You can change your installation appointment and even track the progress of your application here.

Who will carry out my installation?

A TIME authorised installer will carry out the installation.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

We will supply the necessary equipment and installation services.

Do I need to pay for installation?

We provide basic cabling services of up to 20 metres from point-of-entry ie. main door (6 metres from the socket for buildings with pre-laid fibre) to the location you have designated for your equipment (e.g. router).Should relocation be required in the future, charges will apply based on the cabling material and manpower required. Additional charges may apply for requests beyond the basic cabling services we provide depending on your requirements. Please ask for the approved rate card to confirm cost to be incurred (if any), which are payable directly to the TIME-appointed installer.

Can I appoint my own contractor to perform internal wiring?

Yes, however, we recommend that only TIME-authorised installers perform any installation-related work to ensure that they are completed properly and to the highest level of quality. All costs incurred are payable directly to the TIME-appointed installer.

Will there be any drilling involved during the installation process?

Yes, some drilling may be necessary, but we will request your prior approval.

Can I request TIME’s authorised installer to configure / provide IT support services for my own router or equipment that is not provided by TIME?

Yes. This is chargeable at RM80 per hour up to a maximum of RM300 per day, and is payable directly to the TIME-appointed installer.

How long does it take for TIME to install and activate my service?

Installation can take 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of unit you live in. The installation process involves a site survey, ducting, piping, electrical work, equipment configuration and testing.

What type of equipment does TIME provide with my subscription?

We provide a WiFi router and a DECT cordless phone with every subscription.


How do I change my WiFi setting/password?
Manufacturer Model
TP-Link Archer C1200
Linksys EA6350
D-Link DIR-850L

If you can't find the router model in the table above , get in touch with our support ninjas at 1 800 18 1818 for further assistance. 

Self Care

Self Care

What is Self Care?

Self Care allows you to manage your account and subscribed service(s) online.

What features are available on Self Care?
Menu Description
Dashboard Summary of your account, subscribed service(s) and billing info
Account i. Subscription of Value-added Service(s)
ii. Modification of plan(s)
Billing Billing statements and online payments (via MasterCard & Visa)
Support FAQs
Profile View and update your personal details
Rewards Special offers and privileges
How do I register for Self Care?
Upon service activation
1 We will email you your login details after activating your service
2 Visit Self Care
3 Enter your Username and temporary password and you’re in!
4 Change your password immediately


1 Click here to register
2 Enter your Account Number
3 Enter your MyKad / Passport number (your default Username, not changeable)
4 Enter your preferred password
5 Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
6 Click register and you're done!


What is my Self Care username?

Your default user name is your MyKad, passport or Business Registration Number and cannot be changed. 

I'm a subscriber of eBill. Where do I check and download my itemised bills ?

Log in to Self Care, go to Billing > Billing Summary and scroll to the bottom of the page. Tap on the Download Statement link to download your bill.

I have multiple accounts. How do I view all of them ?

Log in to Self Care, go to the Account No. panel on the left and click on the dropdown menu to select the account you want to view. 

How do I change my password?

Navigate to Profile > Self Care Password to change your password. We recommend that you do this every three (3) months.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the login page. You will need to enter your Account Number and Username to receive a temporary password via email.

I have reset my password but why haven’t I received an email with my temporary password?

Your email address may be different from the one you have provided us. Please contact us at

1800 18 1818 or for assistance.

I have received my temporary password. What should I do next?

Access Self Care using your Username and temporary password. Once logged in, change your password immediately.

Hook Up & Earn Programme

Who is eligible for this programme?

All TIME Home broadband subscribers who already have their service activated will be eligible for this programme.

What is the duration of this programme?

This programme is valid from 29 September 2017 until further notice, so start referring your family and friends while it lasts!

How do I refer a friend?

You would have received an email from us with a unique link. Simply share this link with your family and friends and ensure that they sign up with us via the link provided in order to enjoy the bill discount. If you have not received any email from us, you could also retrieve your unique link by logging into your Self Care and head over to Rewards > Hook Up & Earn.

What do I get if I successfully refer a friend?

For every successful referral, you will get a RM100 bill discount which will offset your monthly recurring broadband charges. Your friend’s service has to be activated to be considered a successful referral and the bill discount will be reflected in your next bill.

Is there a limit to the number of friends that I can refer?

There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer, so you can refer as many friends as you want.

If I have successfully referred 3 friends this month, do I get RM300 bill discount in my next bill?

This depends on your monthly recurring broadband charges. If your monthly recurring broadband charges is less than RM300, the bill discount balance will be brought forward to the subsequent bill statement.

Would I know whether my friend has signed up with TIME?

You will receive an email notification once your friend successfully signs up to TIME Home Broadband. You will receive another email notification once your friend’s service has been successfully activated.

When will the RM100 discount be reflected in my bill statement?

It depends on when you will receive your monthly bill statement and when your friend’s service gets activated. The RM100 bill discount may take up to 45 days to be reflected in your bill statement.

How do I check the status of my referrals?

To check the status of your referrals, login to your Self Care and head over to Rewards > Hook Up & Earn > Referral Status.

What happens if I terminate my subscription?

Once your subscription is terminated, you will not be able to continue enjoying the bill discounts. All discounts from new referrals or any discount balance brought forward from the previous bill will be forfeited.

I submitted a referral through TIME Self Care portal on 1 September 2017 but my friend’s service is only activated on 5 October 2017. Do I enjoy RM100 cash reward or RM100 bill discount?

As long as you have submitted your referral before 3 October 2017, you will still get your RM100 cash reward. Only referrals made from 3 October 2017 onwards will be eligible for a bill discount.

Billing & Payment

Billing & Payment

What are the available billing methods?

i. eBill: Sent to your email.

ii. Paper bill (RM5 per month): Sent to your mailing address.

When do I get my first bill?

This depends on your billing cycle and that's determined after your service is activated. You may notice pro-rated charges in your first bill.

What charges will appear on my bill?

Your monthly bill will include your broadband subscription fee, voice service usage charges and subscription fee(s) for other value-added service(s), if any.

How do I read my bill?

Click to view larger image

I've received my first bill. Why is my payment amount higher than my monthly subscription fee?

Click to view larger image.

How do I pay my bill?

Please click here for all available payment methods.

Is there a TIME branch for me to make payment?

While we don't have a physical branch for payments, you can register for Self Care to view your bills and make quick and easy online payments. For all other payment methods, click here.

My line is suspended but I've made my payment. How long will it take to restore my service?
Payment via Self Care Within an hour.
Other payment methods Within 24 hours.

Otherwise, please get in touch with us at 1 800 18 1818 or

Auto Debit Services

What is Auto Debit?

Auto Debit is a service that automatically debits your monthly payments to a registered debit/credit card on a recurring basis.

What do I get if I register for Auto Debit?

When you register for Auto Debit, you receive a monthly RM2 rebate off your bills.

What types of cards are accepted for Auto Debit?

We accept Visa and MasterCard debit/credit cards. For debit cards, do ensure to liaise with your issuing bank to enable Auto Debit facilities.

Please note that we are unable to perform Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions on HSBC and Standard Chartered debit cards.

How do I register for Auto Debit?

You can register for Auto Debit either at the point of subscription to our services or, if you are already a TIME customer, simply log in to your Self Care account and register for Auto Debit under the Billing tab.

Why am I being charged RM1 to register my debit/credit card for Auto Debit?

The RM1 is charged to your card to verify that your debit/credit card is active and that you are the cardholder.

In the case of credit cards, the amount is not charged to your card and won’t be reflected in your statement.

For debit cards, you will see a RM1 deduction from your account that will be reimbursed to you within two weeks.

Do I have to pay my outstanding balance in order to apply for Auto Debit?

Yes, any outstanding balance will have to be cleared in order to complete your Auto Debit registration. If you would like to make payment for your outstanding balance using another method, you can have a look at this list of available payment methods. Once you’ve made payment for your outstanding balance, you can try again to register for Auto Debit on Self Care.

Is it safe to register for Auto Debit?

Yes, in fact, it is one of the safest ways to make payment. Information is stored in a Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI – DSS) certified data centre.

Each payment also goes through a 3D Secure check which adds a layer of authentication for online payments. You will see this as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Must I be the card owner of the card being used to register for Auto Debit?

As long as the card owner has given consent and registration of the card passes the 3D Secure check, you’ll be able to do so.

How do I know if my Auto Debit registration was successful?

Upon successful registration, we’ll send an email to the email address you have registered with us.

When will you start charging my debit/credit card?

When you’ve successfully registered for Auto Debit, payments will be charged to your debit/credit card from the next bill cycle onwards.

When will the Auto Debit deduction take place?

Depending on your bill cycle, the Auto Debit deduction will be made before the due date of your bill.

What do I do if I want to change my debit/credit card details or I want to cancel my Auto Debit registration?

Just log in to Self Care and you’ll be able to make any changes to the debit/credit card you’ve registered for Auto Debit.

If you cancel your Auto Debit registration, you won’t be able to enjoy the monthly RM2 rebates anymore. You can make payment through any of the other available payment methods.

What happens if an Auto Debit transaction fails? What can I do?

Please check with your issuing bank to determine the issue. In the meantime, we recommend you make payment through the other available payment methods to avoid service interruption.

Parental Control

Am I able to configure parental controls on the WiFi router provided by TIME?

Yes. The parental controls feature is built into any router we provide. You can access step-by-step guidelines to configure parental controls by clicking on the router model you are currently using.

Manufacturer Model
TP-Link Archer C1200
Linksys / Cisco EA6350
D-Link DIR-850L


Does TIME Fibre Home Broadband come bundled with a voice service?

Yes. By default, you get TIME Voice Home Basic with the option to upgrade to TIME Voice Home 10 Plan.

What are the differences between TIME Voice Home Basic and TIME Voice Home 10 Plan?
TIME Voice Basic TIME Voice 10 Plan
No monthly commitment fee RM10 per month
Pay-as-you-use 2,000 minutes entitlement: Valid for calls to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide, as well as IDD calls to 60 countries.
9 sen per minute for all domestic calls (fixed and mobile) and 8 sen per minute for IDD calls to 60 countries. Upon full utilisation of 2,000 minutes: 9 sen per minute for all domestic calls (fixed and mobile) and 8 sen per minute for IDD calls to 60 countries.
No contract term A 12-month contract term will apply if you upgrade from TIME Voice Basic to TIME Voice 10 Plan after your initial subscription. The full sum (less any sum already paid) will be due in the event that the subscription is cancelled during the contract term.

Note: 2,000 minutes must be utilised within 12 months of your entitlement, after which, any unutilised minutes will be forfeited. Your 2,000 minutes entitlement will be refreshed every year until you cancel your TIME Voice 10 Plan subscription.

Full list of IDD call rates here.

Can I subscribe to an additional voice line?

Yes, you can subscribe to additional voice lines at no additional cost other than the prevailing rates of the plan you choose to subscribe to.

I want to subscribe to a new voice line. Do I purchase my own phone and perform the setup myself?

Yes. To set up, simply connect your phone cable to the TEL 2 port at the back of your Optical Network Unit (ONU). You can do so after you receive a notification email from us that your new voice line is activated.

What is TIME Home Forward?

TIME Home Forward is a mobile app that complements your TIME Voice subscription.

  • Calls to your land line ring simultaneously on your mobile phone.
  • Same call rates no matter where you are.
  • Accessible on an unlimited number of Android / iOS devices.
What is the minimum system requirement to download TIME Home Forward on my device?

Your device must at least be operating on Android 2.3.3 or iOS 8.0.

Can anyone download and use TIME Home Forward?

The app is only available for TIME Fibre Home Broadband subscribers who have a TIME Voice line. A unique QR code is required to activate the service.

How do I get started?

Step 1. Download TIME Home Forward from the App Store or Play Store.

Step 2. Log in to Self Care to retrieve the QR code to activate the app.

Step 3. Once you’re logged in, go to Account > Account Info and select TIME Voice Home under Subscribed Services. Click the Generate QR Code button, then launch the app and scan the new QR code to activate your service.

Are there additional fees to use TIME Home Forward?

The app can be downloaded free-of-charge but all calls made via the app are chargeable at the prevailing call rates of your TIME Voice service.

I have more than one device. How do I activate TIME Home Forward on these devices?

Each device requires its own unique QR code, which can be generated on Self Care. Once you’re logged in, go to Account > Account Info and select TIME Voice Home under Subscribed Services. Click the Generate QR Code button, then launch the app and scan the new QR code to activate your service.

I have changed my phone. How do I log in to TIME Home Forward?

You need to retrieve a new QR code on Self Care. Once you’re logged in, go to Account > Account Info and select TIME Voice Home under Subscribed Services. Click the Generate QR Code button, then launch the app and scan the new QR code to activate your service.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen phone, call our support ninjas at 1800 18 1818 to deactivate your account.


What happens if the equipment provided by TIME becomes faulty, damaged or lost during my contract period?

All equipment we provide are covered by a limited warranty during your contract period. Any loss or damage due to negligence or abuse is not covered under the warranty, and any requests for replacements are chargeable. 

Is there a warranty period for the equipment provided by TIME?
Equipment Warranty Period
TP-Link Archer C1200
Linksys EA6350
D-Link DIR-850L
3 years warranty
DECT Phone 1 year manufacturer's warranty
Optical Network Unit (ONU) Lifetime warranty
Other Router Models 1 year warranty


Why am I not getting the speed I subscribed to even when I use a LAN cable?

Our support ninjas will need to have a look at this. Please call us at 1 800 18 1818.

My router is not capable of supporting my subscribed speed. How do I purchase a new one?

You can do so by calling our  support ninjas at 1 800 18 1818 for assistance.


WiFi Router

What type of WiFi router do you provide?

We provide a TP-Link Archer C1200 router. It complies with the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard, is dual-band capable and can deliver higher speeds over WiFi.

Click here for tips on how you can have the best experience over WiFi.

Powerline WiFi Extender

What is a Powerline WiFi Extender?

It is a type of WiFi extender that broadcasts your WiFi signal to blind spots in your home, through its power line or electrical wiring.

How does it work?

A Powerline WiFi Extender comes in a pair of plugs.

i.    Primary plug: Connected to your router via a LAN cable and plugged into a power socket closest to your router.
ii.   Secondary plug: Plugged into a power socket at an area within your home where your WiFi signal is poor.

The WiFi signal is carried through your home’s electrical wiring, from the primary to the secondary plug, where the signal gets broadcast.

Why would I need one?

i.    You live in a big house where a single WiFi router isn’t able to provide sufficient WiFi coverage.
ii.    The materials used to build your home (metal / concrete) are impenetrable by WiFi signals.
iii.   The layout of your home – walls between your WiFi router and places where you wish to access the Internet may block your WiFi signal.

How do I get one?

i.    If you are an existing subscriber, you can opt to purchase one via Self Care.
ii.   If you are thinking of subscribing, you can opt in during the online subscription process.


How much is it?

It costs RM425 (before GST).

i.    For purchases via Self Care, the payment can be made upon check out.
ii.   For purchases during the online subscription process, the cost to purchase will be charged in your first bill.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. It comes with a 2-year warranty that starts from the date your Powerline WiFi Extender is installed or delivered.

Do I have to install it myself?

i.    For purchases via Self Care, you may opt for us to install it for you on a date you can select from the scheduler (we recommend this). Should you wish to install it yourself, you may request for us to deliver it to you within 4 working days of making the purchase. 
ii.   For purchases during the online subscription process, it will be installed when we set up your service. Please let our Service Installer know where you’d like to go online most often and he will discuss with you the best installation location.

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