Malaysia Gr Grow ws With Time

Catalysing ASEAN's Digital Powerhouse

Envisioning ASEAN’s Digital Future

Malaysia's digital economy currently contributes 23.2% to the country’s GDP and is set to surpass expectations by 2025. Bolstered by the highest number of Internet users in the region, boasting close to 98% Internet penetration, Malaysia is primed to take the lead in the dynamic digital landscape. Driven by growing demand, substantial investments from hyperscalers and cloud service providers, and national policies that foster digital growth, Malaysia has emerged as one of the top three co-location markets in the region.

With a thriving market landscape and a digitally fluent society, Malaysia stands on the cusp of becoming the next digital hub of ASEAN.

As a leading telecommunications provider with a full suite of products and services backed by robust infrastructure, and a strong presence in strategic cities across the region, TIME dotCom Berhad (Time) plays a pivotal role in realising Malaysia's aspiration by facilitating accelerated expansion plans across ASEAN through its unparalleled interconnectivity solutions.

TIME's A-GRID Network

Time’s A-GRID Network:
The Backbone of Digital Connectivity

The A-GRID stands as ASEAN's first integrated subsea and terrestrial cable network, serving as a bridge into the region and wielding unmatched capacity to deliver reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity over a robust infrastructure with unparalleled coverage.

Tailored to accommodate enterprise and carrier requirements, the A-GRID's strength lies in serving as a single point-of-contact for managing connectivity and application demands within ASEAN via a secure and high availability network. Offering seamless interconnectivity and a scalable network design, businesses gain the flexibility to upgrade their bandwidth to match their evolving needs.

Backed by comprehensive cloud and co-location services, Time's end-to-end solutions forge a diversified network ecosystem that encompass multiple access providers and fortified by resilient protection mechanisms and redundant paths that ensure uninterrupted network performance. With best-in-class, round-the-clock support, businesses find peace of mind and confidence in rapid responses and efficient resolutions.

By rapidly growing our network through strategic partnerships and acquisitions with other providers in ASEAN, our extensive infrastructure ownership extends beyond Malaysia. The companies and transmission networks we acquired in Thailand and Vietnam allows for seamless interconnectivity across borders. Additionally, our local office in Cambodia ensures sensitivity to local requirements and provides essential on-the-ground support for any businesses looking to set up operations quickly and easily.

Businesses can harness the power of Time's expansive network and comprehensive solutions to build the ideal infrastructure for implementing next-generation networks to access new markets and offer value-added services to their target audiences. Driven by a strong emphasis on innovation and digital transformation, this accelerated digital growth contributes to Malaysia's thriving digital economy and capitalises on the country's digitally-driven pool of talents.

TIME's A-GRID Network

Realising Malaysia’s
Digital Ambition

Time’s commitment to building strong connectivity, scalable networks and a robust ecosystem is integral to drive Malaysia to the forefront of the digital revolution in the region. As Malaysia continues to mature its digital ecosystem and infrastructure, we remain steadfast in supporting businesses and contributing to the nation's digital aspirations.

By establishing ample data centres and cloud capabilities, Time attracts investments to Malaysia, fostering economic growth and contributing to the nation's digital ambitions. Our offerings enable businesses to embrace digital transformation, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and market expansion.

Moreover, our regional interconnectivity to multiple global hubs empowers businesses to tap into the vast potential of the ASEAN market. With our support, international companies can establish their presence here and access the region's growing consumer base.

Together, we will shape the future of ASEAN's digital landscape.