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Choose from the selection of devices made to handle concurrent users and safeguard your business from threats.

D-Link DIR-2660

Built-in McAfee that gives you comprehensive protection against malicious threats for every device on your network

External Fixed Antenna (4x4+4x4)

Firmware auto updates

880 MHz dual-core processor

Multi-user MIMO

D-Link DSR-1000AC

Supports large businesses with up to 100 concurrent users

Provides optimal network security via Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels and other features up to 155 tunnels

Integrated high speed 802.11ac wireless technology

Device has Multi-WAN solution offering load balancing and fault tolerance for the Internet connection

Linksys Velop

Functions as a router and a mesh system that is easily scalable

Tri-Band system (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 5GHz) is able to handle even more devices

Single WiFi ID enables seamless connectivity

Extends your WiFi coverage up to 2,000 sqft (2x Linksys Velop units), subject to layout and building materials

No signal degradation at the edge of your WiFi network

Firmware auto updates

Prebuilt firewall keeps out devices or requests which don’t already have network access

Have a separate network for guest traffic and dedicate your main network for office staff only

Scale your network easily as your business grows.

All that’s needed is just another node and you’ll be able to cater to an expanded workforce in an expanded workspace. There’s no need to invest in additional cables and extenders because Linksys Velop nodes can be either wired or wirelessly connected.

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