TIME Internet Disaster Recovery (iDR)

TIME Internet Disaster Recovery (iDR) has been designed to re-route Internet traffic from your main site to your pre-determined recovery site so that your business can continue to operate, even when disaster strikes.
  • Reduced Operational Cost
    Low entry cost and monthly commitment fee.
  • Fast Response
    Fast activation and support during disaster.
  • Flexible
    Configure first, modify later.


Connectivity Main (Active) and DR (Passive)
Platform Metro Ethernet
Minimum Bandwidth Subscription 2Mbps
IP Address 1 set of IP addresses will be provided with the active TIME Internet Direct Line. The same will be used for the passive/DR line upon activation.
Disaster Recovery Site 1.5kW rack at AIMS Data Centre
Rack Specifications:
42U (H) x 600mm (W) x 1000mm (D)
12 x 13Amp socket
2x32A commando plug
SLA/SLG Main: Varies, depending on customer requirements
DR: SLA 99.7% (Single fibre single homed)
Package Price iDR (monthly fee) + DR service charges (upon DR trigger)
DR Charges Upon DR trigger and activation of the backup line
Other Charges In the event that the 1.5kW power supplied at AIMS Data Centre is exceeded, RM130 will be charged for every additional 100W utilised each month.
DR Time Frame Minimum 1 month, extendable on request
Minimum Contract Period 1 year

Note: TIME iDR is not applicable for customers running Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) or any dynamic routing protocol on the TIME network.

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