Let our cloud expertise become your differentiator
Scale your business quickly and efficiently without worrying about the cost. Thanks to our hyperscale cloud platforms, we deliver even better performance, elasticity, reliability and security for your business needs.

Go from small to big on demand, no fuss involved.

Multi‑Hypervisor Options

Meet the demands of compute, big-data, AI and the Internet‑of‑Things with our borderless multicloud offerings enabled by Openstack and VMware cloud platforms.

Flexible and Scalable

Ensure the smooth and successful deployment of your cloud strategy ‑ no matter your requirements and scale - within our hyperscale data centres.

Localised and Compliant

Hosted locally in Malaysia, our offerings are fully compliant with national and industry standards and data sovereignty laws.

Onwards and upwards.
Your solution to a smooth and seamless journey to the cloud

TIME Cloud Services (TCS)

We give you the freedom to work in ways that suit your needs as when you build and deploy your public, private and hybrid clouds on our highly‑secured Openstack cloud platform.

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AVM Cloud

Have greater control and security over your resources while still being able to scaleas and when needed with extensive, borderless cloud offerings built on a VMware cloud platform.

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We're here to help get things done

Tap into the power of cloud computing without the hassle of managing it all. From migration to maintenance and optimisation, choose which IT functions you wish to manage in-house, and leave the rest to us.

We work with you to overcome challenges

Thinking of moving to the cloud but not sure where to start? Our team of professionals can help with end‑to‑end cloud migration and cloud‑specific services including planning, execution, project management, and more.

Digitalisation Solutions



See how you can leverage the power of multicloud to maximise applications efficiency and support the demanding workloads of your day‑to‑day operations.

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Cloud for Business Continuity

Cloud for Business Continuity

We'll keep your business running through any disruptions by protecting your critical data and applications from potential loss and damage.

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Facing challenges? Let's turn those into opportunities together.