Grow your business with a network that scales with you

Our OmniMesh devices complements your TIME Fibre Business service,
providing seamless WiFi coverage throughout your workspace.

Easy installation and ready
to scale with your
business needs.

Reliable and seamless
connections from
room to room.

WiFi performance
across all devices.

Devices that work with you

Whether you're managing a store or delivering key presentations,
there's an OmniMesh device that caters to all your working needs for operations of all sizes.

WiFi 5

RM169/per unit

Consistent, strong and fast. WiFi connections you can rely on for users and devices of all types.

Wireless Standard


Perfect For

Small to Medium-sized operations
Consistent and stable WiFi across multiple devices.

WiFi 6

RM399/per unit

WiFi evolved. Next generation technology for blazing-fast speeds on WiFi 6-enabled devices.

Wireless Standard


Perfect For

Large-sized operations
For superior WiFi performance across multiple WiFi 6-capable devices.

Get complete WiFi coverage for businesses of every size

All that’s needed is just another node and you’ll be able to cater to an expanded workforce in an expanded workspace. There’s no need to invest in additional cables and extenders because our mesh can be either wired or wirelessly connected.

Small business
Up to 2 rooms
~1,000 sqft

1 router, 1 mesh nodes

Medium business
2 to 3 rooms
~1,500 sqft

1 router, 2 mesh nodes

Large business
4 rooms and above
~2,000 sqft

1 router, 3 mesh nodes

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You will receive a complimentary OmniMesh router with every new subscription of TIME Fibre Business, depending on the plans you choose. You may also choose to add on more devices during the signup process.

If you’re an existing TIME Fibre Business subscriber, you may purchase OmniMesh devices from the Self Care shop.

We provide mesh-enabled routers with all our plans, featuring both WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 technologies.

All device models are part of our OmniMesh range designed to blanket your business premises in WiFi so you can say goodbye to dead zones and hello to complete operations coverage.

A mesh-enabled router means the device is equipped with mesh capabilities. A traditional mesh WiFi setup typically requires a mesh node to be placed next to the router to act as a gateway. Since our routers are mesh-ready, we eliminate the need for an extra device. All you have to do is place mesh nodes where your WiFi signals are weaker and you’re ready to enjoy strong and seamless WiFi all over your operational space.

Yes, you can. Just opt for the router upgrade at when you’re signing up with us. If you’re already a TIME subscriber, simply log in to Self Care to purchase the device.

Generally, OmniMesh devices pair with other OmniMesh devices from the same brand e.g. Huawei router with a Huawei mesh node.

Please refer to the table below to check for device compatibility:

Devices OmniMesh WiFi 5 mesh node (Huawei WA8021V5) OmniMesh WiFi 5 mesh node (TP-Link HC420) OmniMesh WiFi 6 router/mesh node (Huawei HG8145X6)
OmniMesh WiFi 5 router (Huawei HG8145V5)
OmniMesh WiFi 5 mesh node (Huawei WA8021V5)
OmniMesh WiFi 6 mesh node/router (Huawei HG8145X6)
OmniMesh WiFi 5 mesh node (TP-Link EC440)
TP-Link EC230
D-Link 882
Other models

Our Tech Ninjas or TIME authorised installers will do it for you.

All equipment we provide is covered by a limited warranty during your contract period. Any loss or damage due to negligence or abuse is not covered under the warranty and any requests for replacements are chargeable.

Equipment Limited Warranty Period
OmniIMesh devices: -
  1. Huawei HG8145V5
  2. Huawei WA8021V5
  3. Huawei HG8145X6
  4. TP-Link EC440
  5. TP-Link HC420
2 years
Other devices: -
  1. TP-Link EC230
  2. D-Link 850L
  3. D-Link DIR-882
2 years
DECT Phone 1 year
ONU Lifetime