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The One BIG Deal campaign offers all new TIME Fibre Home Broadband subscribers the following:

  • A service credit entitlement corresponding to your subscribed plan.

    500Mbps 300Mbps 100Mbps
    RM500 off RM300 off RM100 off
  • A daily chance to win a 50” Android TV.

If you sign up online during our 11.11 Weekend Special, you will also be entitled to an online shopping voucher from 11street worth RM100.

Our One BIG Deal campaign runs from 10 November 2017 until 15 December 2017, while our 11.11 Weekend Special is only valid from 10 November 2017 to 12 November 2017.

Anyone who signs up online during the campaign period is eligible.

From 15 November 2017 onwards, if you sign up via any other subscription channel, you will also be eligible for this campaign.

Yes, you are. However, when there are multiple offers or promotions available then you are only eligible for one and must make a choice. Once you’ve chosen one, you are no longer eligible for other available offers or promotions.

The entitlement is given in the form of a service credit and corresponds to your subscribed plan. The service credit will be utilised to offset your monthly broadband subscription fee until the credit amount is depleted.