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TIME Broadband

High quality, high speed Internet connections via DSL, Satellite, Fibre and access networks

TIME's Broadband Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) service provides you with fast, "Always On" access to the Internet. Based on the latest ADSL2+ standards and working in tandem with our exclusive Bandwidth on Demand (BOOST) feature, you can achieve higher download speeds. Our network also supports the ADSL2+ Annex M standard, giving you increased upload speeds. All in all, these features provide you with an excellent platform to run today’s Web 2.0 applications efficiently.


• 'Always On' connection to the Internet
• Up to 12 Mbps download speed for ADSL service
• Enhance your upload speeds by up to 2Mbps with the ADSL2+ Annex M standard
• Enhance your download speeds by an additional 2Mbps with our BOOST service (currently on a free trial period)
• One flat rate charge


As your Internet consumption needs grow, you’ll have the option of upgrading your bandwidth requirements accordingly.

Tailor made solutions:
Choose from a variety of bandwidths to suit your needs.

Bandwidth on demand:
With BOOST, you can enhance your productivity with faster download speeds when you need it.

Bigger bandwidths:
With bigger bandwidth, you’ll be able to upload large files and email attachments.

Faster connectivity:
Blazing speeds of up to 6Mbps to download large data files, video streaming, audio, and multimedia from the Internet rapidly.

Cost effective:
Since cost is not based upon usage, you can use our services at any time for as long as you want without incurring any additional usage charges.

Easy to install:
ADSL broadband is easily and inexpensively installed.

TIME Broadband ADSL2+ (Residential)
TIME Broadband
2M 6M 12M
Download *
Upload *
Up to 2Mbps
Free Boost
Additional 2Mbps @ 4 hours per day
Contract Period
12 / 24 Mths
Free Modem
Email Address
Service Charges for TIME Broadband
Activation Fee
Advanced Payment
1 Month Fee
Stamp Duty
* Depending on copper quality and distance.
Service Usage Policy
By using our Services you agree that we can suspend or terminate the Service or your arrangement with us if we find that you have inappropriately used the Service, breached Malaysian law or done anything that adversely affects our network or the use of the service by others.

Variety of high quality, high speed Internet connections allow for business growth, expansion and secure, reliable and constant connectivity for businesses that depend on the Internet to support critical applications